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Digital, automated and family-friendly into the future

For the new advertising campaign “Günzburg #meinLandkreis” we produced a film about our company in the district in cooperation with Regionalmarketing Günzburg GbR.

Above all, the location advantages for companies that settle in the district are presented in the film. In particular, the new topics of digitalization and automation were the focus, as well as the opportunities for cooperation and networking with existing companies in the region. Reference was also made to the family-friendliness of our company and the leisure opportunities in the district. Whether founding, relocating or developing a company. Our region is an ideal business location.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the team of Regionalmarketing Günzburg GbR once again!

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Jochen Böck is the founder & managing director of boeck GmbH together with his brother. His expertise focuses on the process chain of sheet metal processing and its optimization. He is the right contact person when it comes to the optimal deburring tool and the perfect process parameters.


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Scegliendo BOOST, l’utensile sarà dotato di abrasivo Cubitron™ II. Questi grani di ceramica sono taglienti, uniformi e hanno la forma di piccoli triangoli. Ciò si traduce in un tasso di asportazione più elevato, in una maggiore velocità di avanzamento e in una maggiore produttività.