You do not want to miss any news and you’re looking for information on the topics of slag removal, pre-grinding & deburring, deburring & edge-rounding, oxide removal and finish-grinding. Here we keep the most important news and information ready for you.

Powerful deburring tools

Consumer electronics and computer and communications technology are among the booming markets of the future. This not only increases the


Set up any tool faster!

If you want to reduce costs in production without sacrificing quality, you often have only one set screw: shorter setup


50 percent processing time saved

Strong edge rounding, long service lives, good performance Elements for interior fittings and air conditioners for railway technology, ceiling elements

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Wanneer u voor BOOST kiest, wordt uw gereedschap uitgerust met Cubitron™ II-slijpmiddel. Deze keramische korrels zijn scherp, gelijkmatig en hebben de vorm van kleine driehoekjes. Dit resulteert in een hogere materiaalafname, een hogere voedingssnelheid en een hogere productiviteit.