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Remove slag safely and efficiently from sheet metal workpieces with your deburring machine!
Heavy melting in the form of slag is an undesirable side effect of plasma or oxyfuel cutting. The so-called slag occurs on both the inner and outer contours of the workpiece and must be removed for further processing.
The slag can be removed with the deslagging brush, which consists of a number of flexibly mounted pins (deslagging pins). When the tool rotates, the pins exert an impulse on the slag adhesions and knock off the residues. The slag removal tools are available in different hardness levels from H1 to H4 to achieve an optimum match between tool and slag residue. Hardness level H1 is for slag residues that are easy to remove and particularly gentle to the edges. In contrast, hardness level H4 is extremely stiff and very effective for the most stubborn slag deposits.

The video below shows exactly how boeck deslagging brushes work:

The deslagging pins can be used on discs as well as on wheels in automatic deburring machines.
In addition, the deslagging brushes can also be used on variable-speed angle grinders or angle polishers (max. 700 rpm) with M14 threaded mount or in conjunction with the QUICK115|125 quick-release fastener.
All boeck disc tools for slag removal are available with the QUICK quick-release fastener.

Deslagging tools are available for all types of machines in different dimensions and mounts:

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