We at boeck aim to improve and streamline your entire sheet metal working process. This starts with the first step in the processing chain: slag removal or "deslagging". This is often seen as a minor step, despite it being necessary for worker's safety and preventing part degradation. Furthermore, focusing on and investing in effective slag removal tools can greatly reduce downtime and thus save you costs in the long run.


During plasma or gas cutting, strong melting often occurs, with the molten metal sagging on the beam-exit side. This so-called slag or dross occurs both on the inner and outer contours of the workpiece and must be removed for effective and economical further processing.

Common manual methods for slag removal include chipping it away using a hammer and chisel, or grinding using an angle grinder. However, this is labor intensive and leads to longer overall processing times. 

In terms of mechanical processes, slag can be removed by grinding with a soft contact roller. An even faster and easier industrial method is knocking it off using a deslagging brush made up of multiple flexibly mounted steel pins. 


Hammer and Chisel


Angle grinder


Deslagging brushes

Instead of hammer and chisel, let boeck deslagging brushes do the heavy lifting for you. They are available for all common deburring machine types, whether top grinders or automated machines. To reduce downtime even further, they can be equipped with our quick-release system for easier and faster set-up times. 

Whether you’re deslagging your sheet metal using handheld machines or automated machines

Depending on your material and slag toughness, it may be wise to switch between different variants. For this purpose, we have different diameters and hardness levels in our range, ranging from H1 to H4. To optimize your slag removal, you can additionally opt for single-row or double-row deslagging brushes. 

Need help selecting the optimal tool for your deslagging process? Contact us and we will advise you accordingly. 


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Saving processing time

Reduce processing times and make your process more cost-effective by switching to deslagging tools customized to your needs.

Sanding star safety

Ensuring safety

Reduce labor intensity, ergonomic strains and other deslagging hazards by omitting manual hammering or grinding.

Optimization of the deslagging process

Our mission is optimizing the entire process chain, from slag removal to finish grinding. We apply the latest know-how and production technologies to our tools.

deslagging brushes in action

the newest deslagging technologies

boeck GmbH develops and manufactures the latest technologies for sheet metal processing, including slag removal. On the one hand, tool development takes place on the basis of the requirements of our customers and, on the other hand, we perform basic tests. This way, we develop a deep knowledge of the influencing factors and their interactions within the sheet metal working process and translate this into solutions. This ensures you will benefit from tools that are perfectly tailored to your needs, as well as from know-how in terms of optimal process parameters. Our tools are MADE IN GERMANY by highly qualified personnel and the use of the latest, highly integrated machining technologies. In terms of production objectives, we achieve maximum efficiency, particularly through the automation and continuous digitization of administrative and technical processes.

We work tirelessly to ensure that our customers benefit from the best quality and most effective tools possible, customized in the shortest time.