Oxide brush M14-125

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Components cut with oxygen have oxide layers on the cut edges. These dark layers are removed with the oxide brushes. The oxide brush is characterized by an innovative, multi-row arrangement of a specially developed wire set. The arrangement enables optimum oxide layer removal and ensures metallically bright cut edges with a long lifetime at the same time.
Thread M14 (Clockwise)
Double row
Rotation speed (max.)
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Country of origin
EU (Germany)
Hand machine



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Oxide brush M14-125

The price of this product must be requested. Please enter your Email address or add the product to your shopping cart. We will send you an offer shortly. Thank you - your boeck team.

When you choose the BOOST option, your tool will be equipped with Cubitron™ II abrasive. These ceramic grains are sharp, uniform and have the shape of small triangles. This enables greater stock removal, a higher feed rate and more productivity.

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