Change economical deburring tools with the QUICK quick-release system!

When deburring and grinding on automatic grinding and deburring machines, the tools often have to be changed. In order to ensure an economical tool change, shortest set-up times are necessary. All deburring tools from boeck, whether deslagging brush, reclosable fastener disc, deburring disc, deburring block or oxide brush, use the QUICK quick-release system. With the QUICK-release system, the deburring and grinding tool can be changed on the deburring machine in the shortest possible time. Especially on grinding and deburring machines with planetary head systems with a large number of deburring tools, the QUICK-release system can significantly reduce the set-up time. With a short turn of the wrist, the tool can be clamped into the grinding machine and released again just as easily.

All boeck disc tools, from deburring and edge-rounding to slag and oxide removal and finish grinding, are available with the QUICK-release system. Also deburring blocks for deburring machines with power belt are available with the QUICK-release system.

The following boeck tools for sheet metal working can be equipped with QUICK quick-release adapters:
- Deslagging brushes
- Reclosable fastener discs
- Deburring blocks
- Deburring discs
- Oxide brushes
- Non-woven discs
- Polishing discs

This video shows how the QUICK quick-release system works:

The QUICK quick-release adapter is available for all machine types in different dimensions and different mounts.

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Other accessories for deburring machines

To keep the conveyor belt clean and to ensure grip, cleaning fleece belts can be used in combination with a machine cleaner. Various mounting bolts are available for the installation of the quick-release fasteners. Rubber metal buffers, velcro discs and velcro rolls are available for the repair of deslagging brushes and velcro carriers. For power belt deburring machines with deburring blocks, power belts in different lengths as well as quick-release fasteners for deburring blocks are in stock.