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Line finish, satin or directionless finish up to mirror high gloss with boeck grinding and polishing tools!

In the final processing step of the sheet metal deburring process chain, finishing takes place. In this step, scratch marks are ground out and a decorative surface is produced. A line finish, satin finish or directionless finish up to mirror finish can be created.

Workpieces with a directionless grind are particularly versatile, since the surface has no defined grinding direction. This finish can be produced by eccentric grinding. Specifically for this surface finish, an angular slotted flap arrangement has been developed for grinding and deburring machines with deburring wheels. This angularly offset arrangement generates a diffuse grinding pattern on the sheet surface in a single pass and deburrs as well as rounds the sheet edges.

Line finishing is a popular surface finishing method, especially for stainless steel sheets. Fine-grained, stationary abrasive belts, which always move in the same direction, create an attractive line-shaped surface structure on the workpiece. The line length can be influenced by selecting different process parameters such as cutting and feeding speed.

If the surface is still to be smoothed or satined, nonwoven products are used. The nonwoven products are usually used in belts or wheels form in machine application.

Smooth, shiny to high-gloss mirror-polished surfaces of metals are produced with various abrasives of different grain size and polishing tools of different hardness in combination with polishing pastes. Polishing can achieve various optical, mechanical and haptic requirements, such as gloss level, wear resistance, and dirt resistance. Typically, polished workpieces are found in the automotive, pharmaceutical or furniture industries.

The video below highlights the different boeck finish grinding and polishing tools:

In the final processing step, mainly non-woven abrasive, abrasive cloth and felt tools are used as endless belts or wheels. In manual finishing processes, the result and reproducibility depend to a large extent on the uniformity of the application. In machine finishing, the machine must have appropriate adjustment options (e.g. stationary abrasive belt).

Tools for finish grinding are available in the following forms:
- Polishing discs
- Surface conditioning discs
- Abrasive cloth belts
- Non-woven belts

All boeck disc tools for finish grinding are available with the QUICK quick-release fastener.

Finish grinding tools are available for all types of machines in different dimensions and different mounts:

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