Safely remove burrs from sheet metal workpieces on your deburring machine

Burr formation is often unavoidable on laser, plasma and oxyfuel cut or stamped sheet metal workpieces. Among other undesirable side effects are spattering on the component surface, unevenness and scaling of the surface.

Grinding with reclosable fastener discs with abrasive discs or abrasive cloth belts usually removes burrs from sheet metal workpieces. Depending on the component requirements, such as material, sheet thickness, pronounced burr, different abrasives must be used.

This video explains how boeck pre-grinding tools work:

Pre-grinding can be performed in a variety of ways. Tools for pre-grinding & deburring are available in the following forms:
- Abrasive cloth belt
- Abrasive cloth sheet
- Abrasive paper belt
- Abrasive disc
- Fiber disc
- Surface conditioning disc
- Grinding star
- Reclosable fastener disc

Correct setting parameters, such as cutting speed, infeed and grain technology, are necessary for efficient pre-grinding and deburring. In particular for the simultaneous application of pre-grinding units and rounding units on grinding and deburring machines.

All boeck disc tools for pre-grinding and deburring are available with the QUICK quick-release system.

Pre-grinding tools are available for all machine types in different dimensions and different mounts.

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Grinding stars can be used to efficiently deburr tubes & profiles

After cutting tubes and profiles, sharp cut edges are often unavoidable. Even with the most advanced cutting processes, sharp cut edges will often occur. In order to reduce the risk of injury or to ensure assembly capability, this burr must be removed. With the help of our grinding stars consisting of abrasive layers, protruding burrs can be ground off.

The boeck grinding stars can be used on stationary or hand-held deburring machines. With the help of various slits, the grinding star engages in the tube or profile and deburrs or even rounds the workpiece.

Advantages of boeck grinding stars:
- Deburring & rounding in the shortest possible processing time
- Material is removed instead of just reshaped
- No grinding necessary thanks to circular outer contour
- Sealed cutting edges due to lasered abrasive cloth